About Wealth Preservation, LLC


The world, the economy and the retirement landscape have changed. Without dispute, retirement planning is in a financial crisis today. It is no longer business as usual.

The future of Social Security is uncertain, and we are now a Pension less Society being replaced by 401(k) plans. Most people simply do not contribute enough to their 401(k) plan to make living comfortably in retirement for an extended period of time a reality today. This clearly defines the need to do planning on your own now to provide for our own retirement benefits in the future.

Since 1975, we have been helping people solve the estate and retirement planning puzzles. We are a family owned and operated financial planning firm specializing in estate planning, wealth management and retirement income strategies. We offer financial products designed to create income and wealth for you and your family.

Wealth Preservation, LLC is a boutique independent Financial Services Firm offering Investment Advisory Services, with an emphasis in Estate, Retirement & Distribution Planning.

For over 4 decades, Wealth Preservation, LLC has been noted for applying sound and timetested strategies for their clients & establishing personalized custom tailored planning designs; including:

Retirement Income planning, Life insurance and Life Insurance Funding solutions, Wealth Transfer tools, as well as Social Security maximization strategies.

Wealth Preservation, LLC prides itself on exceptional personalized customer service to all their clients, while continuing to offer the most advanced planning methods available today.

We are in the business of creating better lives for people, by educating Baby Boomers who are searching for experts with answers in the growing IRA and Retirement marketplace.

We provide retirement income planning solutions that people can count on with strategy and solutions based on the reality of today’s financial landscape.

Our services analyze all aspects of our client’s financial needs and provide a strategy for financial security that benefits the future of the client and their loved ones.

Stewart J. Weissman

 is a member of the prestigious AALU, MDRT and TOT organizations where only 1% of all financial people in the world can qualify for. He is a past member of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA advisor group. He provides help to individuals and business owners in the accumulation, protection and retirement income distribution of their assets.

Stewart has over 40+ years as an independent licensed broker in the State of California serving the needs of his clients and the expertise to assist with their financial and estate planning goals and objectives. Stewart has received numerous product awards throughout his career and recognition for service to his clients at all levels.

We offer access to income and longevity planning, life insurance, retirement plans and wealth management services. This includes various forms of annuities: which can consist of Fixed, Hybrid and Immediate Income annuities.

Stewart is extremely pro-family, married to wife Brenda for over 40 years. He has two children, daughter Stacy and son Joseph. Stacy is married to Dave Harris who specializes in various business related forms of insurance to fund trusts, including premium-financed life insurance strategies along with other financial planning and retirement income products. Dave is also in the family business with us and has three children, Stu’s grandchildren as seen in above picture. Stewart has been on various boards donating his time and energy to local nonprofit organizations, is an avid animal lover, classic car enthusiasts and loves to golf. stu@wealthpreservationllc.com

Dave Harris

specializes in life insurance strategies for ultra-affluent families and business owners across the country.

Dave started his life insurance career in 2007 and since then has been dedicated to providing comprehensive, highly personalized planning services to his clients and their families. He serves his clients by listening closely to their goals, objectives and concerns and working in tandem with other trusted advisors to develop a superior and comprehensive plan for not only now, but generations to come.

Highly regarded in the life insurance industry, Dave conducts insurance planning seminars to many of the top business managers, CPA’s, and financial advisors throughout the country. He is also a regular contributor to local and national radio & TV shows.

Dave is a member of Million Dollar Round Table & Top of the Table, the Premier Association of Financial Professionals. He is also an active member of the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors (NAIFA). Dave sits on numerous local boards is very active in various nonprofit organizations and helps fundraise on an annual basis.

Dave attended San Diego State University and currently resides in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca with his wife Stacy and 3 children, Sloan, Jakob & Benjamin. Dave enjoys golfing, traveling and spending time with his family. dave@wealthpreservationllc.com

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