Annuities are long term longevity income products. Designed to provide income you cannot outlive, no matter how long that is. They look and act like defined benefit pension plans and/or social security income benefits.

The longer you delay the income distributions the higher the income amount you will receive. Annuities are ideal for clients who want a steady, competitive income stream in retirement or who are uncomfortable investing in the stock market.

Annuities provide guaranteed income, versus equities, which may provide growth and income, but based on non-guaranteed basis.

You cannot compare Annuities to equity products as they are not true investment vehicles, but income producing vehicles. Some Annuities may offer a Optional rider, which may provide additional income in the event of impairment.

Why Annuities?

An annuity is a long-term retirement savings vehicle that provides payments to the contract holder at specified intervals by an insurance company. It can be used to accumulate assets on a tax-deferred basis for retirement and/or to convert retirement assets into a stream of income. Annuities may be a single premium meaning you give the insurance carrier one lump sum, modified single premium meaning you can make premium payments during the first contract year, or they may be flexible premiums which means you can make multiple premium payments.

What retirement planning needs can an annuity accomplish and meet?

  • Build your retirement nest egg
  • Diversify your retirement assets
  • Increase safe, predictable earnings on savings
  • Guarantee a lifetime income stream
  • Gain flexibility to fund unexpected events, like critical illness or nursing home care
  • Transfer assets to your heirs

We live in an anxious world today, especially for retirees, who maybe on a budget and dependent on a steady flow of income. No one can accurately predict how tomorrows rumors may negatively impact our markets. Thus, negatively effecting your income stream and making investing difficult for people in retirement.

Annuities are not affected by rumors or events that happen elsewhere. When guaranteed income is needed in life, annuities serve and provide this benefit.

More Americans are turning to annuities to control their destinies.

Annuities are a guaranteed revenue stream that you the annuitant owns and controls that no one can take away.

With people living longer than ever before. Annuities are playing a more important role than ever before. They solve the income stream dilemma, that we all are facing, outliving our financial resources.

Important Annuity Benefits

  • Purchase annuities with funds from retirement monies, 401K’s, IRA’s or from savings and CDs.
  • Receive fixed monthly income payments regardless of what’s happening in the economy.
  • Guaranteed income no matter how long you live.
  • Your money won’t be lost if you pass away prematurely.

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