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Annuity Basics
May 12, 2020 at 7:00 AM
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Annuities are the only financial instrument capable of paying a guaranteed lifetime income. They are the only one on the planet. No individual investor can duplicate what insurance companies can offer you with paying you a guaranteed income stream.

Nor can any other asset class do what annuities do because they have contractual guarantees backing them.

Maximize Lifetime Income for You and Your Spouse

You could even put the insurance company on the hook for paying you guaranteed income for you and your spouse's lifetimes.

One of the biggest advantage of the guaranteed payout? The insurance carrier must continue to pay you your monthly payment even if you completely deplete the amount of money that you originally used to purchase the annuity with, no matter what…. that income continues.

Lifetime Income Keeps on Giving

The insurance company can't stop paying you if you outlive your principal and earnings.

Do Annuities Pay More Than Other Instruments?

Not only can annuities pay out a guaranteed stream of income for life. They can almost certainly pay more than many other types of assets. You might want to take a good look at them especially if you are looking for sufficient income for life.

Longevity planning, we are all living longer then ever before, are you prepared? Annuities help to address this problem.

Annuities are a great vehicle if you are concerned and/or not comfortable in the market, want a guaranteed income stream in retirement no matter what and/or simply want to diversify your portfolio.

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