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40 million families have children with Special Needs

September 10, 2020

Children with special needs help need caring for their day-to-day life, including physical, mental and emotional disabilities. Care like medical, physical, occupational or speech therapies, special educational support and financial assistance can help maintain their independence.

However, many parents of children with an intellectual or developmental disability aren’t doing enough to prepare for a future without them.

People are living longer with disabilities.

Not only must parents and guardians financially prepare for the rest of their own lives, they must also potentially factor in the life of their family member with special needs.

Care resources need to last.

Without proper preparation, government benefits could be reduced or stopped, and assets set aside for the family member could be depleted.

The court makes care decisions if families don’t.

If parents do not determine who will fulfill caretaking responsibilities, the child could become a ward of the court when their parents die.

By understanding the unique challenges families with special needs children face,  we can help you prepare for their financial future, please contact me and we can discuss this and the various solutions available to protect your children. or call me toll free anytime at 1-800-313-7526 (PLAN)