Let’s face it, putting money away in a 401(k)—especially when your employer matches your contributions—is a great way to get yourself ahead in terms of your nest egg, net worth and ability to retire someday. It’s the only choice most employers offer!

The bad news is that not only are there high fees to consider with 401(k) and traditional IRA accounts, but the income tax implications may surprise you, especially when you are forced to take RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions) starting at age 70-1/2.

The rules are complex, and depending on your situation, you may be thrown into a much higher income tax bracket than you were expecting—reducing your nest egg from 20 to 40%!

Minimizing Taxes Can Create a Huge Impact

At Wealth Preservation LLC, we work with families every day to analyze their overall financial picture and find ways to reduce their tax burden. We’ve developed a whole set of strategies to minimize taxes owed, leaving more net income for your retirement, and more for your heirs as your legacy.

Tax-Free Is Better than Tax-Deferred

Did you know there is a way to structure investments so that you have access to your money in a tax-free vehicle and leave money to your heirs using tax-free life insurance? One of them is called an IRA Reboot.

Ask us about the many new and innovative insurance products that have hit the market in the last few years. And if you’ve changed jobs, consider all your financial options. You don’t have to leave your money in that old company’s 401(k) or traditional IRA plan. Seriously. Call us!

Find out if any of our IRA or 401(k) Rollover Options make sense for your unique situation based on your expected tax bracket, your goals, your family composition, and your retirement timeline/horizon.

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