Life Insurance

The sad truth is nothing lasts forever, but you can protect your loved ones, no matter what happens to you, with life insurance. What better security could you offer them after your death than some liquidity, income replacement, and a smoother transition into a different future? Whether a surprise or from a prolonged illness, your inevitable death does not have to mean your family loses everything you worked so hard to give them. The risks of not having life insurance means you may instead leave them with lost income, high last life and funeral expenses, extra estate and income taxes, and potentially kick off a new family feud. In some of the worst cases, surviving spouses have lost their homes due to lack of proper planning.

Trust Planning should include:

More than just your stuff, trust planning should offer some instructions about your values (religion, education, hard work, etc.) so decisions can be made as much in keeping with your wishes as possible.

Important Advantages of Life Insurance

• Life Insurance distributions to beneficiaries are tax-free. While your family members are mourning, they won’t need to worry about how much of the claim they need to pay to Uncle Sam, giving them important certainty at a time when they most need it..

•Life Insurance proceeds are not subject to any required minimum distributions rules. If they’re structured correctly and held within a trust, they can be a very effective wealth transfer tool for up to three generations. There are even possibilities that the transfer can go even longer, depending on the state the trust exists

•Unlike other policies, Life Insurance is not buried under complicated tax rules.

Life can be fragile and unfair. Life insurance is the one asset that can guarantee our families will have food on the table and a roof over their heads. You will always have peace of mind that your spouse, partner, children, and possibly even your grandchildren will be provided for.

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