Retirement Planning

Retirement income planning today is facing a financial crisis. If you don’t want to be a part of the disaster, you need to start paying attention now to what you’re going to do for retirement.

The Problem

Employer-sponsored pension plans are going extinct. Social Security benefits are being reduced and threatened. Whether by choice or by policy, retirement ages are being increased. Basically, the system itself is in trouble.

Currently, Social Security is paying out more in benefits than it is taking in revenue. This is a trend that promises to continue as the Baby Boomer generation ages and younger generations do not match its numbers. There are even predictions that without a raise in taxes, Social Security could be bankrupt in the future. In the meantime, even those with 401k Plans are not producing enough income to see them through retirement.

Don’t leave your future in someone else’s hands. Now is the perfect time to start planning and implementing your plan to give yourself the comfortable retirement you have worked towards.

Why Now?

Thanks to medical and technological advances, we are all expected to live much longer than previous generations. Current estimates say at least one spouse in today’s average 65-year-old couples will live to at least 92. About a quarter of them will live to age 97.

The good news is that we are all living longer than ever before. The bad news is that we can no longer depend on state aid or company pensions to help us enjoy our later years. Even our dwindling Social Security program is uncertain. Now we must stretch our own financial resources over a longer period of time, and do so in a very volatile and uncertain market environment.

Whatever you think of what’s happening on these issues in the political arena, the one thing all Americans need to keep in mind is the importance of taking care of yourself. There are steps you can take today to ensure you will have a lifetime income stream upon reaching retirement and avoid risking a dismal future of need.

An option that might work for you, for example, is the new life expectancy income annuities. As with all our financial products, we offer a guaranteed income lifetime stream and principal protection.

Designated Beneficiary Form

Something else that’s usually overlooked, but just as important as planning for your retirement, is the Designated Beneficiary Form for your IRA, 401K, 403 B’s and all qualified plans.

Most people assume these assets transfer by force of the Will, but this is not true. For this reason, it’s very important to review and update your will on a regular basis. Ignoring it or not keeping it up to date could cause your beneficiaries a great deal of grief and could allow the wrong beneficiary to walk away with everything you intended to go to someone else.

In cases where the Will and the Beneficiary Form are in conflict, the US Supreme Court has ruled the Designated Beneficiary Form is the Law of The Land. Make sure your old age is protected, and so are your loved ones. Check into retirement planning today.

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